Monday, June 30, 2008

Sarah Nielson

This is Sarah and this is her place.

Who are you?

I am Sarah Nielson, a sassy, little blonde. I write a weekly entertainment column for the publication In Utah This Week. I am a dog mama to a spectacular one-eyed pug dog named Daisy.

What is your place?

My place is Liberty Lake at Liberty Park.

Why is this place special to you?

Liberty Park has always held a special place in my heart. I grew up in a small-town two hours south of Salt Lake. Once, in third grade, we came to Salt Lake for a school field trip and stopped at Liberty Park to eat lunch. I remember being amazed at how large the park was in comparison to the park I was accustomed to. Sadly that’s the only thing I recall about the field trip. I have no memories of why we rode that old yellow school bus to Salt Lake, or what we did beyond lunch at the park. I do, however, remember the boy sitting behind me. Ohhh, he was dreamy. I was really big into knobby knees and freckles back then.

I moved to Salt Lake 12 years ago and shortly after I got Daisy. We lived around the corner from the park, so I started taking her there every night after work. Our time there quickly became habit, and once I moved away from the area I still made the time to go back a few time a week.Sundays are my favorite time to go there. I often take a blanket, enough dog treats to keep Daisy happy and watch the drum circle for hours. I’m still looking for that knobby-kneed freckle-face to go along with me. So far it’s just my dog and me.

What do you enjoy most about Salt Lake City?

I love summers in Salt Lake. Especially spending nights at the Twilight Concerts surrounded by good friends, music and lots and lots of wine.

What do you dislike about Salt Lake City?

Winter. I can just barely tolerate the snow throughout the holiday season; the minute December 26 comes around I’m ready for spring.

Do you have any additional comments about living here?

Salt Lake has been good to me. I moved here after a brief stint in Utah County. Eek!

This city quickly became my home and I’ve loved it here from day one—despite the crummy liquor laws.

How do you get around town?

I drive and bum rides whenever possible. I also recently got my bike in working condition, so hopefully I’ll be riding more soon.

More information about Sarah and her place:

You can also view these photos as well as outtakes in this Flickr gallery/set.


Daniel said...

very nice work.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful girl and dog. I bet your beauty comes from your Mother.

Melissa said...

What a great idea for a blog! I loved the pictures, and Sarah was a good choice. I love the one-eyed pug. Too cute. I'm looking forward to following your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a cool idea. Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Sarah has so much wit & charm.

Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Oh, I so need to go to Liberty Park. I haven't been there in ages!

Great post!