Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jesse Harding

This is Jesse and this is his place.

Jesse Harding

Who are you?

I'm Jesse Harding. Web/Flash designer and father of 3.

What is your place?

The "Living Room" above Red Butte Gardens.

Jesse Harding

Why is this place special to you?

Jesse Harding I had heard of the existence of a rock living room that overlooked the city but could never get exact details on the secret location. I knew approximately where it was supposed to be and finally, about 10 years ago, through multiple bush-wacking sessions I found it. I was happy to find that there was a trail back down that was semi-easy to find the next time I went. Since then I have visited the "Living Room" at least a few times each year. I took my wife-to-be there on one of our first dates and have taken tons of family and friends there as well. There is a real wow factor seeing all the stone furniture just sitting there and then when you look out at the view of the city it's a double-wow.

Jesse HardingWhat do you enjoy most about Salt Lake City?

I love living in a fairly large city while still being minutes away from the mountains and a couple of hours away from some of the best red rock on earth. It's exciting to see how Salt Lake has grown, developed, changed over the past few years.

What do you dislike about Salt Lake City?

The new Utah tourism/travel dept. theme "Life Elevated" is totally lame.

Do you have any additional comments about living here?

Jesse Harding

I think SLC is cooler and more diverse than people give it credit for. We've got a pretty decent local music/art scene, lots of community events and a developing downtown area. Add the surrounding mountains and scenery and you've got what I deem to be a great place to live.

How do you get around town?

I'd like to say I bike to work every day but it usually ends up only being once a week or so. I'm working on that. My commute is fairly short (7 miles or so) but the price of gas is still convincing me that I need to bike more often.

Jesse Harding

With all this rocky furniture around I can't help but ask: Who is your favorite Flintstones character and why?

My favorite characters on the Flintstones were actually the little birds and lizards (I think mostly birds) that were used as power sources in Bedrock. Flintstones

I remember being amused every time there would be a cut away of some machine and you'd see a little bird making it work. I've always been interested in how things work so that might have been where the fascination came from.

Also - for whatever reason I never really liked Bam Bam. He was so destructive and just always seemed to ruin things. He and Scrappy Doo ruined their respective cartoons in my opinion...

More information about Jesse and his place:

You can also view these photos as well as outtakes in this Flickr gallery/set.


Adiel | Rose Gold Lining said...

Wow, I can't believe I've never heard of this place! Now I want to know its location so I can go there!

Jeremy Hall said...

Another great one in the series. Cool spot I'll have to check out sometime.

Barb said...

Jesse!! How cool, I was a fan of this series already and now I see my friend featured!!

Welcome to my World. said...

Okay Mike and Jesse... how do we get there? Please don't make us have to search to for it!

calanan said...

I did some digging and found this archived article by the Salt Lake Tribune that has both a description and an PDF file about the hike. Hope it helps!

- mike

Anonymous said...

quite impressed with your work here.
would love to give a stab on this "This Is Their Place" as i think my passion, the tall bike/freak bike coupled with insanely great community bike events would be an awesome photoshoot and offer some good material for your project while expanding interest into the slc bicycle community.